Original stage play.

Two men and two women speak of their daily lives which, unbeknown to them, are considered abnormal by society.

Their madness confines them in the prison of their illusions, Platani.

Using the long-standing theatrical trope of madness the protagonists reveal the insanity of present-day society and ridicule it for having to relegate them to its periphery, reversing the perspective of the claim of madness. Is then the madness present everywhere?

Set at the beginning of this century, 2001, Eda a visionary, Graz a misanthrope, the self-harmer Bennie and the timid and fearful Mark, live their daily routine broken down by the news of the media. They don’t recognise the news as an external voice but confuse it with their own hallucinations. Once they realise that they are rejected external society and that this society is in fact more dangerous than their own obsessive disorder, Platani, their prison, becomes the only place where they can find their freedom – their refuge from the madness of reality.

Platani mixes dialogue taken from real-life situations with quotations from literature and contemporary philosophy, diverse news clips and advertisements.

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Platani, all types of madness
The new work of Pamela Recinella at the Theatre Fondamenta Nuove.

11th September, Kabul, the deaths during the fighting of the G8 in Genoa, gunfights, deadly battles without sense, wars which we can not forget. Is that what makes us crazy? Or rather is this madness the collective insanity from which few find a way of salvation?

La Nuova

Lives on the edge of madness
Platani, a show with an acute critique of the mass media system...

The existence of four borderline people is viewed from under the lens of an impetuous peeper, moving between inertia and voice off, who are maybe perceived only with a disturbed imagination. We receive a radical critique of the media system and above all of the television, seen as deformed sphere on the middle of the stage, which attracts and at the same time repels. The story of the fearful Mark and wispy Eda, the carnal Bennie and rebellious Graz, and their miseries, is reflected in the contemporary man and warns him of the risk of stimulatory bombardment in the disturbed quotidian world. Platani is the place of the mind, the time is the beginning of this century....

Il Gazzettino