Little Italy

A staging after texts from Calvino, Flaiano, Eco, Sofri, Morante and excerpts of Fellini, Antonioni, Rosellini and Pasolini Films.

Little Italy flows through the memories of three old friends, actors from the last fifty years of development and degeneration in Italy’s cultural and artistic life.

Looking back in the words of prominent Italian thinkers, writers, directors and politicians who have contributed to Italy’s cultural and artistic reputation, and giving voice to the critical and strident tone of the present Italian intellectual class, Little Italy shows the drastic cultural changes witnessed in this eternal land of music and art.

The three protagonists meet in a café and reminisce about this glorious, now-departed time.  Their tales enable the past to slip in to the present once more and run parallel with frames from Fellini, Antonioni, Rossellini and Pasolini movies.  The narrations of the three actors clash with the projections creating an enveloping atmosphere, while the differing views arising from their accounts show the others a sketch of the multifarious faces of Italy. The articles and novels have been rewritten for the stage by Pamela Recinella.