Hommage à Kandinsky

Open-air multimedia display.

The project ‘Homage à Kandinsky’ draws on ‘The Yellow Sound’ (an experimental theatre piece) and ‘On the spiritual in Art’ (a theory of colour and synesthesia) by the influential Russian painter and art theorist Wassily Kandinsky. This is an installation on the Dessau Bridge located in front of the main train station, which has become associated with the intensive research started in 2006 concerning the philosophical paradigm change in modern art.

In this panorama Kandinsky takes centre stage having displaced conventional art matter into colours and forms. The oversized round- and square-cut forms, which exude different chromaticities, move between the sides above the bridge creating miscellaneous pictures, behind which spectators can walk. Pamela Recinella borrows Kandinsky’s concept of forms and colours, associating it with her central theme. She builds in conjunction with Hodam Productions an abstract music collage with extracts from different compositions of Le Caine, Cage, Anderson, electronic creations of Twin and the overlapping of recorded voices reading the poetry of Kandinsky from ‘The Yellow Sound’. Therefore colours, forms, light effects, movement, music and poetry melt into this installation, from which originates a prospect of colour in sounds and space underlying the concept of synaesthesia. In this environment each spectator perceives various images, depending on the different perspective he or she obtains by viewing the installation from changing standpoints.


Gelb gewürfelt am Bauhaus
Tausende drängen zum zehnten Farbfest und erleben eine besondere Nacht.

Eine Hommage an die Bühnenkomposition der „Gelbe Klang“ des Bauhausmeisters Wassily Kandinsky verzauberte die Bahnhofsbrücke.

 ...Wer sich ihr nähert, vermag zunächst kaum zu deuten was dort geschieht: Farben scheinen frei zu schweben zwischen den Brückenbögen, bewegen und verwandeln sich. Wer näher kommt, erkennt einen riesigen Baldachin, blauen Schlieren gleiten darüber, davor schwebt eine gelbe Scheibe oder fällt ein roter Pfeil hinab; das Ganze ist eine Hommage an Kandinskys “Gelben Klang“ von 1912.

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